Cost Planning

This involves the preparation of budgets and updating budgets throughout the pre-contract phase to ensure accuracy and economy.

Tender documentation & Agreement Contracts

KRK & Associates Ltd has the capacity to handle tenderer pre-qualification on behalf of clients and crafting of agreement particulars to ensure the best value for clients

Cash-flow Projections & Financial Appraisals

By helping clients in planning finances, the firm ensures smooth running and timely completion of construction projects.

Interim Valuations & Valuation of Variations

As the project progresses, KRK & Associates Ltd keeps abreast of valuation so the client gets value for their money. By tracking variations, the firm is able to help clients manage finances to ensure timely and economical project completion.

Final statement of account preparation

At the close of construction projects, KRK & Associates Ltd, comes in to guarantee that full accurate records of finances are presented in a transparent manner.